About Me

Joanne3I am a writer, editor, and blogger of  “Exceptional Mom/Exceptional Child,” http://www.exceptionalmomchild.com, where I chronicle the adventures of how my son Michael and I are raising each other! Michael has autism, and has his fair share of challenges. Yet he has taught me so much of what is important in life. I want to bring the same tools I have used in helping my son and myself thrive to other parents with special needs children, so that and their families can live lives that are happy, whole and in balance.

I am also a speaker and parent coach who can help parents navigate the ups and downs of raising a special needs  or “exceptional” child while having them parent you at the same time!  I offer programs of self-awareness, growth, and parenting tips and tools to help you along the way. I also have a FREE EBOOK- “5 WAYS TO MANAGE EXCEPTIONAL FAMILY ANXIETY” available for download at the following link: http://www.exceptionalparenting.site88.net.

I have had my work and articles published on parenting sites such as “Huffington Post Parents Canada,” “BlogHer Special Needs”, “Scary Mommy”, “Yummy Mummy Club Canada” as well as “M List by the Suburban” and “The West Island Suburban”.  I have had my articles published in “Romper,” “Her View From Home”, “Varage Sale Blog” and “Live Out There.” I have also been featured in a podcast on “Coach Joy of Mommy Proofing- How the Special Needs Child Raises Us.” I have been featured on local radio “CJAD 800 AM” two times speaking on World Autism Awareness Day, and about a local event concerning schooling options for exceptional or special needs children. I have also been featured on local breakfast television, “Breakfast TV Montreal” to talk about Canadian Autism Awareness Day .