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Exceptional Mom/Exceptional Child

I started blogging about how Michael and I are raising each other two years ago. I had written so many poems and funny little anecdotes about life with Michael,  that my writer friends had suggested I take this writing in another direction.  I still remember one of the members of my writer’s group in particular, telling me:

“I love your stories about Michael. The world needs to see that, to hear more than just the medical side and about the therapies you do with special needs children. Your stories are funny, and show Michael’s and your life in a new way. It shows Michael as a funny, creative kid. It would benefit people to read these stories.”

At this point, I did not share my “special needs” writing as I called it, often in group. It was my time for my other writing to shine, my fiction, short stories and poetry. I still make my writers’ groups more about my fiction and other non-fiction writing, but took her suggestion to heart. I also started thinking about all the wonderful Moms I met at my Coffee Break support group (and still see regularly), and how they have showed me, and continue to show me, that I am not alone in my journey.  I wanted to give this to other parents virtually, as not everyone has a face to face support group they can attend. I thought of a Mom friend with a son who has autism, who was studying to be a yoga teacher and teach yoga for special needs parents. I started taking her class while recovering from my burnout/depression over two years.  I remember her telling us we were all “exceptional parents of exceptional kids.” There was yoga for our kids, but what about the Moms? What about support for them?  This resonated with me, as it was something I started seeing too. Moms and Dads needed just as much support as the kids. I wanted to do something to fix this problem, and decided to bring this out in my writing about Michael, how he inspires me as I do him. So from that a dream emerged, and the blog, “Exceptional Mom/Exceptional Child” was born!

Each day I continue to be moved by the response my blogs are receiving, as well as the other parenting articles I have written. Just hearing how I made someone’s day knowing they are not alone is powerful for me. So today (and every day), I wish you joy, being in the moment, and peace in your parenting journey. Remember, you and your child are never alone, and are always Exceptional! Until next time.